Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I was in a rather interesting discussion with a friend of mine online. I ended up looking for a quote in the Tao Te Ching. I didn't find the quote I was looking for, but I did find one that made me think of autism.

People of the Tao
conform to the Tao.
People of Virtue
conform to Virtue.
People who lose the way
conform to the loss.
Those who conform to the Tao
are welcomed into the Tao.
Those who conform to Virtue
are welcomed into Virtue.
Those who conform to the loss
are welcomed into the loss.

We live a particular life, and we become certain that that particular way of living is the only way that a person could possibly live and be happy - even if we aren't happy ourselves.

One of the reasons why there are neurotypicals fighting for a "cure" is because they're neurotypical. They're obsessed with social ritual and being around people and all the things that go with being a neurotypical. They can't possibly imagine that there are people that could live a life other than theirs and be happy. Moreover, they think that theirs is the only way to make friends.

I have met a number of people that are autistic, or at least have autistic traits. I certainly like being around them much more than those that are neurotypical. Many people say that it is difficult for autistics to connect with people normally, but that is not true. It is difficult for autistics to connect with neurotypicals normally. With autistics, we do just fine. The same is true for neurotypicals, though. Neurotypicals have trouble connecting with autistics. Is there something wrong with neurotypicals because they cannot connect to autistics?

I am a certain way, and that's the way I am. Not you. I doubt I could be happy being you. You may be able to be happy being you, I do not know. I do know, however, that your path is different than mine. Right or wrong, it is your path to follow.


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